IEC Patents

Step into the world of cutting-edge energy solutions with The Institute of Energy Conversion (IEC). This collection of patents showcases IEC’s commitment to revolutionizing energy conversion. These patents embody IEC’s mission to redefine the possibilities of sustainable power. Explore the patents that are shaping the future of energy—a future crafted by the innovation of The Institute of Energy Conversion.
Patent Name Patent Number Inventors Date Issued Patent Info
Processes for fabricating all-back-contact heterojunction photovoltaic cells US20100319769A1 Robert W. Birkmire, Steven S. Hegedus, Ujjwal K. Das December 23, 2010
Multiple-nozzle thermal evaporation source US6562405B2 Erten Eser, Gregory M. Hanket May 13, 2003
Thin-film, flexible photovoltaic module US6310281B1 Robert G. Wendt, Gregory M. Hanket, Robert W. Birkmire, T. W. Fraser Russell, Scott Wiedeman October 30, 2001
Chemical surface deposition of ultra-thin semiconductors US6537845B1 Brian E. McCandless, William N. Shafarman August 30, 2001
All-vapor processing of p-type tellurium-containing II-VI semiconductor and ohmic contacts thereof US6251701B1 Brian E. McCandless June 26, 2001
Process for preparing group IB-IIIA-VIA semiconducting films US5674555A Robert W. Birkmire, Jerold M. Schultz, Matheswaran Marudachalam, Habib Hichri October 7, 1997
Plasma-induced, in-situ generation, transport and use or collection of reactive precursors US5085885A Henry C. Foley, Robert D. Varrin, Jr., Sourav K. Sengupta February 4, 1992
Apparatus for producing compound semiconductor thin films US5015503A Robert D. Varrin, Jr., Robert W. Birkmire May 4, 1991
Process for levelling film surfaces and products thereof US4909863A Robert W. Birkmire, Brian E. McCandless March 20, 1990
Process for fabricating thin film photovoltaic solar cells US4709466A Brian E. McCandless, Robert W. Birkmire December 1, 1987
Apparatus and method for photochemical vapor deposition US4654226A Scott C. Jackson, Richard E. Rocheleau March 31, 1987
Method and apparatus for increasing the durability and yield of thin film photovoltaic devices US4640002A James E. Phillips, Patrick G. Lasswell February 3, 1987
Process and apparatus for formation of photovoltaic compounds US4526809A Robert B. Hall, Richard E. Rocheleau July 2, 1985
Photovoltaic cells employing zinc phosphide US4477688A Allen M. Barnett, Anthony W. Catalano, Vikram L. Dalal, James V. Masi, John D. Meakin, Robert B. Hall October 16, 1984
Apparatus for continuous deposition by vacuum evaporation US4401052A Bill N. Baron, Richard E. Rocheleau, T. W. Fraser Russell August 30, 1983
Apparatus and method for substrate temperature control US4396640A Richard E. Rocheleau, Dennis F. Brestovansky, Peter J. Lutz August 2, 1983
Method for improving the efficiency of a solar cell and an improved cadmium sulfide/copper sulfide photovoltaic cell US4393267 Terry M. Peterson July 12, 1983
Tandem junction amorphous semiconductor photovoltaic cell US4387265A Vikram L. Dalal June 7, 1983
High efficiency thin-film multiple-gap photovoltaic device US4377723A Vikram L. Dalal March 22, 1983
Copper stabilized dipping solution for a photovoltaic device incorporating a Cux S layer US4377604A Ronald A. Schneider March 22, 1983
Age and heat stabilized photovoltaic cells US4366336A Lee F. Donaghey December 28, 1982
Glauber?s salt heat storage compositions, crystal habit modifiers US4349446A Stephen B. Marks September 14, 1982
Thin film photovoltaic device with multilayer substrate US4443653A Anthony W. Catalano, Manjul Bhushan August 3, 1982
Thin film photovoltaic cell US4328390A John D. Meakin, Julio Bragagnolo May 4, 1982
Method for continuous deposition by vacuum evaporation US4325986A Bill N. Baron, Richard E. Rocheleau, T. W. Fraser Russell April 20, 1982
Method for the continuous manufacture of thin film solar cells US4318938A Allen M. Barnett, Bill N. Baron, James V. Masi, T. W. Fraser Russell March 9, 1982
Cadmium sulfide photovoltaic cell of improved efficiency US4287383A Terry M. Peterson September 1, 1981
Photovoltaic cell US4283591A Karl W. Boer August 11, 1981
Thin film photovoltaic cells US4267398A Allen Rothwarf May 12, 1981
Covered solar cell assembly US4262161A James E. Carey April 14, 1981
Electrode for photovoltaic cell US4260429A Richard L. Moyer April 7, 1981
Photovoltaic cell US4260428A Pradip K. Roy April 7, 1981
Electroless plating process for glass or ceramic bodies and product US4259409A Anthony F. Arnold March 31, 1981
Photovoltaic cell array US4254546A Lee R. Ullery, Jr. March 10, 1981
Multiple gap photovoltaic device US4253882A Vikram L. Dalal March 3, 1981
Collector grid for CdS/CuS photovoltaic cells US4252573A Boer et. al. February 24, 1981
Amorphous semiconductor solar cell US4251287A Vikram L. Dalal February 17, 1981
Thin film photovoltaic cells having blocking layers US4251286A Allen M. Barnett February 17, 1981
Thin film photovoltaic cells having increased durability and operating life and method for making same US4239553 Barnett, Allen M.; Masi, James V.; Hall, Robert B. December 16, 1980
Process for preparing photovoltaic cells having increased adhesion of the semi-conducting layer and produced thereby to the conducting layer US4234353A Lee F. Donaghey November 18, 1980
Cadmium sulfide photovoltaic cell and method of fabrication US4143235A Jack A. Duisman March 6, 1979
Photovoltaic Cell Array US4127424A Lee R. Ullery, Jr. November 28, 1978
Thizotropic Mixture & Method of Making Same US3986969A Maria Telkes October 19, 1976