Brian E. McCandless

Brian McCandless

Scientist Emeritus: Institute of Energy Conversion


Phone: 302-831-6240

Education: B.S. Astronomy, University of Maryland at College Park

Research Overview

  • Active research in polycrystalline and thin film and single crystal compound semiconductors for photovoltaics: Synthesis; thermodynamic properties; point and crystallographic defect control; doping; passivation; device integration.
  • Expertise in thin film and single crystal growth and characterization: vapor growth methods; bulk and surface composition; diffusion properties; phase stability; interface reactivity; optoelectronic properties.
  • Expertise in photovoltaic device fabrication and analysis.
  • Materials of interest: Photovoltaic absorbing materials including II-VI alloys (Cd-Zn-Te-Se); chalcopyrite alloys (Cu-Ag-In-Ga-Se-S); kesterite alloys (Cu-Ag-Zn-Sn-Se-S); hybrid organic-inorganic perovskites; oxides (MoOx, WOx, MgxZn1-xO, In2-xSnxO3, Ga2O3.