Steve Hegedus

Steven Hegedus

Senior Scientist: Institute of Energy Conversion

Professor: Electrical and Computer Engineering


Phone: 302-831-6231

Education: Ph.D. (Electrical and Computer Engineering) – University of Delaware

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After nearly 40 years of R&D on solar cell materials and devices, Professor Hegedus is now working to promote PV integration onto the nation’s electric grid. To accomplish this, his work is focused on overall grid modernization at the local distribution level using microgrid simulation, power conversion hardware studies, and policy recommendations. Professor Hegedus also teaches classes on Photovoltaic Technology and on Microgrids. He is the co-editor of both editions of the Handbook of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering (Wiley, 2003, 2011).

Research Interests

  • Apply technologies like smart inverters and batteries to enable significant increase in the integration of PV on the grid without causing instability
  • Interoperability, communication, and cyber-security of distributed generation devices connected to the grid
  • Microgrid simulation, design and implementation
  • Assist policy makers and regulators to understand the need for grid modernization to integrate more renewable energy
  • Investigate new applications for PV modules like charging Electric Vehicles and Agrivoltaics (growing crops under movable solar array that provide controlled shade and sun)

Featured Publications

  1. Steven Hegedus, “Review of photovoltaic module energy yield (kWh/kW): comparison of crystalline Si and thin film technologies,” Wiley WIRE Energy Environ 2012. doi: 10.1002/wene.61
  2. J. Byrne, J. Nyangon, S. Hegedus, M. Chajes, J. Taminiau, N. Ahmed, N. Dinardo, P. Li, and J. Xu, “Feasibility Study of City-Scale Solar Power Plants Using Public Buildings: Case Studies of Newark and Wilmington Delaware,” Technical report prepared for the Delaware General Assembly, June 2019. DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.22115.40489/3
  3. S. B. Sepúlveda-Mora, and S. Hegedus, “Making the Case for Time-of-Use Electric Rates to Boost the Value of Battery Storage in Commercial Buildings with Grid Connected PV Systems,” Energy 218, 119447 (2021).
  4. S. B. Sepúlveda-Mora, and S. Hegedus, “Resilience Analysis of Renewable Microgrids for Commercial Buildings with Different Usage Patterns and Weather Conditions,” Renewable Energy 192, 731 (2022).
  5. S. B. Sepúlveda-Mora, T. Kaewnukultorn, and S. Hegedus,. “Characterization of voltage stabilization functions of commercial PV inverters in a Power Hardware-in-the-Loop environment,” IEEE Access 10, 114802 (2022). DOI: 10.1109/ACCESS.2022.3217472.

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